About Us

An Ecommerce destination, where you get what you need at a jaw dropping price and heavy discounts, is Affordbuy. This is indeed like the well-known shops of yours, where you get a discount without even asking for it! All the products are made available by analyzing your taste and lifestyle. To give you a fresh and immensely glamorous experience of shopping, we have included products to satisfy all your basic needs, including your luxuries! From clothes to household entities, from shoes to disinfectants, you can find that each product is made available to you with great discount, that leaves you want more and more. If you really think that money cannot buy happiness, visit our portal and shop!


We have managed to know everyone’s needs and hence, we cater them by making available, brands that everyone can afford to buy. For adding the touch of a classy lifestyle to each person’s life, we have with us accessories, clothes, baby products, men’s and women’s essentials and commercial as well as household products, of the reliable and famous brands.

Value Proposition:

It feels great when you have a power to order any product with an extreme ease, such as the product is right available at your doorstep with just a single click of your mouse! We thus aim at providing some of the best products that each one of our customer is able to buy! Seasonal and festive discounts are the add-ons to the discounts, which are available throughout the year and 24X7. Easy return, large number of COD products, EMI facilities, etc. simply make your task of shopping, a cakewalk!

What makes us different?

We allow you to buy products which you may think are costly to buy. With us, you can now afford to buy anything that fascinates your eye at first glance, without caring much about your pocket. You are not just a customer, but indeed a family! And when it comes to family, it always deserves to receive the best. We thus provide you things at high discounts and you are not allowed to pay more than you should.

Our Vision:

We want that when it comes to shopping, Affordbuy must be its synonym for you. When someone uses a company’s name as a verb, then this is what we call an achievement!

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