Buyer Guidelines:

We know that is some type of anxiety present in you while buying the products online without having a practical look over that. Here are some tips from us and these tips help you to make comfortable online shopping.

  • Make a purchase with the sellers interact with them; understand about various brands and products that you are familiar with. The sellers of have offline stores and they are linked with various kinds of people from many years. They have established their own domain to have a reputation in the market and thus make your online purchase and transaction easy.
  • Check the images and description about the product and you can confirm that we provide complete details about the item with high resolution images for all the items we sell at, if you have any doubts clarify them with us.
  • You can get the actual cost of the item including all the shipping charges and taxes on We clearly mention all the details and there is no hidden price anywhere.

Is the product in stock?

In most of the cases, the retails upload the products that are unavailable or out of stock. You don’t have any such problems with AffordBuy, we clearly mention if the product is not available and inform you through SMS or email if it is again available.

Do not forget to check about exact delivery methods

We will specify the date of delivery after your conformance or shop is done. A message is sent to you after the product is shipped.

The methods of payments must be secure completely payment methods are established by famous companies and they are very secure. We assure to manage all the problems with your payment policies.

Make sure that the policies of exchange and return are defined very clearly

Each and every product on our website has a clear policy of exchange. We answer to all your questions and if you still have any problem contact us within 24 hours.

Sign up after reading the use

Be sure that all the online information you share is secure and is not used for any kind of other purposes. We assure you in this aspect and safeguard all the info firmly.

Note that the order is established

We send you an email and you can confirm your order through that. All the details about the product and delivery date is mentioned in the text that is sent to you. We will be in touch with you timely.

Lastly know about the order that you receive

The products reach to you in good condition, if you have any inconvenience return the product to the seller after interacting with them.

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