Privacy Policy

Being an e-store, which is headquartered in a major city, we would like you to go through our privacy policy. We are ready to answer your queries 24X7, throughout the year. The procedure of collection of your personal, non-personal information that further can be classified as mandatory or voluntary is explained through the Privacy Policy of AffordBuy. The personal information is referred to a data, which can be used to identify or contact a particular person.Maintaining your confidential information as how you would maintain yours is a matter of solicitation and pride for our e-biz operations, as such.

1. Information and Usage:

  • When it comes to your personal information for the purposes of this Privacy Policy, it will include your name, address, telephone or mobile number, date of birth, your email address, gender, etc.
  • While making any purchase, you may have to provide some personal information, or while creating your user accounts, such as financial information, reviews, etc.
  • We are interested and believe in collecting only that information, which is relevant to us, or the one which will help us to know you and your interests.
  • While you are using the website, the website servers may collect the information of your activities on the website indirectly or automatically. This information can also be collected via cookies.
  • We use the personal information provided by you for:
    • Facilitating your use of website.
    • Responding to your queries and information requests regarding various services.
    • Sending you all the market surveys made by us and establishes strong marketing communications.
    • Presenting you latest offers, products and all the offers tailored.
    • Providing the technical support regarding issues with the website.

2. Shared Personal Information:

  • During your online purchase transaction, the website uses an online payment gateway, which is viewed and operated by a third party. The information hared with us, is then shared with the gateway operator of the third party.
  • In case of extremely secured and sensitive information, such as the details of your credit/debit cards there are secured websites that are equipped with robust encryption techniques.
  • However, you must understand that the internet technology is not 100% safe.

3. Third party and links

  • We may forward your details with other business corporations or sub- contractors who assist us with making the business deal, an easier affair for us.
  • However, this is done to reduce your potential risk of scam and to prevent unwarranted use of your credit card details. In case a fraudulent transaction has taken place, you can always ask a complete refund of your money.

4. Legal issues

  • Anything to do with a legal suit, in case you are dissatisfied with a bad shopping experience, we would be pleased to resolve the issue amicably in the local courts of jurisdiction.

5. Consent

  • By presenting your vital information to us or our agents or by using our site for your shopping needs, you can fully set out info in the manner as stated out by our Privacy policy.

6. Copyrights

  • We have acquired the complete patented rights for the privacy policy. Any unauthorized or illegal use of the same by third parties unknown to us, or by competitor companies is strictly prohibited and can invoke legal action.
  • Here is the complete extract of our privacy policy to protect users and shoppers from a bad experience and requesting your kind co-operation in helping us serve you better. Kindly comply with these guidelines and rules, purely drafted to protect consumers’ interest.

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