Rules and Policies

General Rules and Policies

The regular rules and policies of Affordbuy are the common guidelines which assist you to create a safe, fair along with a trusted trading environment for all our buyers and sellers. We strictly implement these policies to uphold safe and trusted trading.

Banned and Restricted Products

The below mentioned products are restricted from selling on Affordbuy. And also merchants or sellers are liable if such products are sold on the website and the listings of such items are cancelled after incidence.

  • Any mature Material like pornography or other sexually indicative materials, prostitution or guide services.
  • Alcoholic beverages / Alcohol like Beer, Wine, sparkling wine and Liquor.
  • Any Animal or Wild Life Products (live animals |mounted specimens| ivory)
  • Artefacts that are outlawed for sale
  • Beta Software
  • Bootleg/Plagiarize Recordings
  • Misuse of trademark
  • Bulk Marketing Tools such as Software or email lists or products that facilitate unwanted email messages
  • Black boxes or Cable descramblers
  • URL or directory sales
  • Child pornography
  • Any copies of illegal Copyrighted materials (electric or material form)
  • Fake Currency & Stamps
  • Drugs and drug tools (prohibited drugs, drug accessories, herbal drugs)
  • Drug analysis avoidance aids like drug cleansing shakes or urine test additives or other allied items
  • Banned Goods and restricted Countries
  • Endangered species; Plants, Animals or Organisms which are in risk of expansion
  • Event Tickets
  • Weapons | Ammo | Military |
  • Fireworks | Explosives | dangerous Substances which are contaminated & flammable & radio active
  • Gaming & betting related like lottery tickets |sports bets | memberships or enrolments with any of online betting sites or allied content.
  • Government Ids & Licenses and these consist of fake Ids, diplomas, passports or dignified titles.
  • Any hacking or cracking resources and these can comprise but are not limited to manuals, how-to guides, information, or kit enabling illegal access to software, servers or other secured property
  • Humans parts and any human remains
  • Any products that support criminal activity
  • Any miracle cures like quick health fixes
  • Multi level marketing by collecting fees
  • Any copyright unlocking products which are developed to avoid copyright protection
  • Movie prints
  • Any offensive product or material like ethnically or racially offensive material or even crime scene photos or items, such as personal belongings, associated with criminals
  • Any items related to Army, Navy, Military and Air force

Merchant market Obligation:

On a market platform, sellers have a set of obligations (roles and responsibilities), which were fulfilled effectively by all sellers direct to buyer satisfaction and hope, thus overall business growth leads to extraordinary sales.

Initial thing you require to keep in mind is that is an online platform that merchants utilize to sell their products online and Affordbuy is not a merchant or seller. Affordbuy is a supervisor of market so that the interests for together buyers and sellers are protected and the market policies & rules are compulsory. It is merchant responsibility who is selling to buyers directly to upload products, bring up to date price, quantity, handle fulfilment, handle customer problems and also stand by Affordbuy polices and rules.

The three biggest merchants/sellers market obligations:

Published Price assurance: The price shown at Affordbuy in your online store is filled by you (or some time by Affordbuy team on your side if you are taking our help) and is what buyers will pay if he/she decides to purchase that item. If the price of that item has gone up, you will still be liable to fulfil the order at your published price at Affordbuy, because that is what you are showing to customers. Published Price assurance is not concerning how low is your price but your responsibility to deliver a product to a customer at the cost entered by you on

Best practice: Please ensure prices of all your products on daily basis or at least for those products that see cost going up or down regularly

Published Quantity Guarantee: If any of your products at Affordbuy do not show Sold Out or zero quantity that means you are guaranteeing its instant availability if it is sold. If customers see your products as Sold Out or zero quantity, they will not be able to purchase them. That means, if customers can purchase your product, you are clearly and clearly guaranteeing their availability.

Best practice: Please ensure quantity of all your products on daily basis and bring up to date on your seller Panel.

Handover sold products to the customer: As a merchant you agree on Affordbuy’s well-defined Service Level Agreement (SLA) that you will deliver the sold products to the customer within the send time frame from the time of the order being placed by the customer at

Best practice: Please contact Affordbuy seller on regular basis and keep the products prepared for transmit to the customers.

Here is the full catalogue of merchant’s market obligations:

1Product UploadThe more products you upload, the more eye-catching you make your online store. Customers are fascinated to merchants with a huge variety. Always keep your catalog contemporary.
2Product Description & DetailsAlways characterize your product honestly and carefully. Make sure the following at the minimum
  • Right and complete description
  • Proper and high quality image
  • Proper features and specifications
Don't ever give incorrect information to the customer, purposely or by mistake.
3Check Quantity CommittedMake sure that the quantity you have inputted is in fact in your ownership.
  • Don't work on a back-to-back copy on
  • If the quantity is sold out by some other channel, then correct the quantity inputted in your seller.
We suggest that you enter quantity on a conventional level, by which you will always at the minimum.
4Check PriceIncorrect pricing on any online platform is a strictly restricted. Make sure that the pricing is always up to date.
  • If the prices have fallen down then correct it or you can lose business to competitors.
  • If prices have gone up, make sure to correct the prices right away.
  • If the prices go up, you will be obliged to fulfil the order at a lowerprice.
5Check PriceMarketplace form requires a seller to make sure top of the class service levels to customers. The support of high service levels is to delivery is to be done on time to customer. Ensure that the sold products are delivered to the customer as per the said time frame from the time of the order being placed by the customer at Remember, timely delivery develops your customer rating.
6Handle Customer IssuesWhile Affordbuy handles the widely held customer care issues on your behalf, you will be mandatory to handle delivery delay and product quality associated issues through Affordbuy.
  • React to Affordbuy customer care and account manager's queries at instant.
  • Make sure that warranty promises are kept and good service is provided at your service centres.
7Handle Customer IssuesCreating offers, deals along with promotions on a regular basis can have a huge optimistic impact on your business on Affordbuy. Deals and promotions attract customers to your store and assist you to establish long term association with customers.

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