Pricing Guide – AffordBuy

We understand that pricing is one of the key factors which affect the success of your store at AffordBuy. A number of buyers online compare the prices on various websites before they decide on purchasing a product. So, it is important that all your products are priced competitively when you list them for sale.

What to include in your selling price at

The Main Components

  • The cost of the product
  • Your margin
  • VAT or CST
  • Service fees that you are entitled to pay for

Optional Components

  • Insurance if any for courier package
  • Special handling
  • Gift Wrapping and so on.

What you need to consider while deciding your selling price?

  • The actual MRP of the product you with to sell
  • The lowest retail price of the product
  • The lowest departmental store price of the product
  • The lowest price you sold this product for
  • The lowest price on the internet

Once you as a seller has decided on a selling price, you can now decide on how margin you wish to sell your product for. Always do remember that a low price helps increase your sales volume and also provide your products at a competitive position. If your pricing is lower, then buyers will purchase from your store more often, thus improving your sales and profits.

We at AffordBuy encourage Smart, Fair and Realistic Pricing. We do not force our sellers to get to deeper discounts due to which they might incur a loss.

Please Note: We at AffordBuy deeply monitor the prices posted on the website. Please do make a note that sellers are not allowed to price their products higher than the actual price or higher than what is listed on their own website or other retail stores or websites. You can price the products lower than or as same as on the other websites. Violation of the same can also result in account suspension.

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